Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help
you answer some of the more common ones.

1. Before you get started

Sai Girls Hostel is one of the most trusted and well maintained Girls hostel in Akola.The sai girls hostel Akola is the only one hostel group in akola which is having 3 campus in akola city.

2. What is the fee structure ?

We absolutely love to answer your queries !

Please call on +91-8888336622 to know the fee structure in detail Or Whatsapp Us Here Whatsapp

3. Where is the hostel situated ?

The hostel is at a very prime location and it is situated at the heart of the city “Sai Heights, Ram Nagar, Akola City, Near LRT College “

4. What are the facilities provided ?

We provide exceptional residential facilities to girl students to promote a healthy, happy and secured life conducive to their education.

✅24*7 Security

✅Spacious & Clean Rooms

✅Tasty & Hygienic Food

✅Huge Dining Area

✅Large Corridors

✅Hot & Cold Water

✅RO Drinking Water

✅ Enough Parking Space

✅Homely Atmosphere

✅AC & Air-cooled Rooms

✅ Bio-metrics attendance

✅No Hidden Cost

✅Festivals Celebration

5. How is the food quality ?

Food quality is so important to your health especially when it comes to nutrition and diet.The taste and quality of the food is always a priority for us.

We Provide Very Healthy food for student hostelers.We follow following meal plan :

  • 3 times in a day food serving
  • 1 time refreshment like fruits

6. What is the distance from colleges & coaching classes ?

Sai Girls Hostel is situated at a very prime location which makes it easier for students as the major coaching classes are at 5 min distance.

7. Rules & Regulations of Sai Girls Hostel

  • Girls should fill up the form while taking admission in the hostel and they should attach Aadhar card and two photos with the form.
  • Students should take a receipt of rental of the hostel,a receipt is proof of payment.
  • For any reason if a student leaves hostel , the paid  rental will be Non refundable.
  • The session of hostel starts from April/May/June Month,the session is of 11 months.
  • Paying Fees of hostel before the admission is Compulsory.
  • Students must turn off all the electrical equipments & lights before leaving their rooms.
  • Noise level, volume of music system, etc. must be kept low at all times.
  • Hostelers must return to the Hostel before 9 pm daily for their own safety.Students will not be given permission to come inside after 9 pm.
  • After 9 pm Girls should turn their mobiles off and submit their phones in the office.The girls will be informed for any emergency calls.
  • Playing loud music or talking loudly is strictly prohibited.
  • Residents are responsible for all their personal belongings and valuable items
  • Girls should notify every time they leaves or enters the hostel.
  • Girls should inform in mess before going out of town or coming back.
  • Parents and relatives can not stay in hostel.
  • For meeting a hostler inquiring on counter is necessary.The visiting time is 10 AM to 6 PM only.Visiter have to fill their valid information in the register.
  • Unsatisfactory behaviour of any girl will be immediately informed to their respective parent.
  • If hostelers carry laptops , they first need to notify in  the office.
  • At the time of taking admission girls should inform about their Previous Health issues or Severe Medical Conditions,if any.They will be provided medical facilities which will be chargeable.
  • AC room hostelers should turn off the AC before leaving the room.They have to pay fine of RS.500 if they failed to do so.

8. How are the hostel rooms ?

The hostel rooms are very spacious & comfortable. Both AC and Non-AC Rooms are available.Every room have good lighting system.

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